Selena Gomez Want To Appear Topless in Film

Selena Gomez Want To Appear Topless in Film
Selena Gomez is known by the image of 'sweet girl' and plain. But now Selena seems to want to erase the image.

After appearing in a sexy new video 'Come and Get It', Selena reportedly attracted remedy appeared topless in the film. The reason, the 20-year-old woman wanted to show a side of him that is more edgy.

A source close to Selena, Contact music quoted saying, "Now Selena is growing up and wants to be a more serious actress. He wants to separate himself from the image while he was still at Disney. Problem he does not have to appear topless if the role requires it plays that. "

In an interview, Selena also had expressed his intention to further develop her acting talents to explore a variety of roles. He also wants to temporarily absent from the music scene to focus on acting.

Selena said, "For me fun to take risks and do something completely different. Honest, maybe some of you are not too comfortable with it. But I still remain the same. Challenging something really excites me."

Selena is currently being involved in a film project titled 'The Getaway' said the actor Ethan Hawke. According to him, played in the film is very enjoyable.

"Hopefully there are other film projects, but has not been confirmed again. Then I'll start working on the fourth album. Would be the best album I have ever made!" she said.

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