Justin Bieber Profile

Real Name : Justin Drew Bieber
Nick : Justin, Bieber, The Biebs, JBiebz, JB
Born : March 1, 1994, Canada
Mother name: Pattie Mallette
Father name: Jeremy Bieber
Occupation : Singer
Label : Island, RBMG
Manager : Scooter Braun

Justin Drew Bieber is a young pop singer from Canada. Born in Strartford, Ontario March 1, 1994 and was raised alone by his mother, Pattie Malette, Justin has the talent and musical interests are quite high. He mastered the trumpet, piano, guitar, and drums had taught himself since childhood. At age 12, Justin singing contest in his hometown, Stratford, and won second prize. Since then he began to document the appearance and upload it on Youtube, for friends who could not see it appear. In some videos, Justin singing some famous singers like Usher, Justin Timberlake, Neyo, Chris Brown, and Stevie Wonder with its own version.
Luckily, Scooter Braun, So So Def marketing executive who accidentally witnessed the appearance on YouTube Musically interested in talent. Braun immediately contacted Bieber and flew to Atlanta, Georgia to meet Usher.

Soon, Usher agree issued by record label Island Records in October 2008. To solidify his musical career Justin Bieber and his mother moved to Atlanta.

Bieber's first album was released in July 2009, MY WORLD, received quite lively. His first hit single, ONE TIME, featuring Usher as guest vocals occupy the top 20 Canadian and American charts.

Singles were released subsequently received no less festive. ONE LESS LONELY GIRL, LOVE ME, and FAVORITE GIRL, was ranked the top 40 Hot Bilboard. MY WORLD also received Platinum and Golden in the United States and Canada.

To promote his album, Bieber conducted a series of important performances. At Christmas 2009, Bieber appeared at the White House before President Barack Obama and his wife. Bieber also appeared on MTV and some other live events such as Saturday Night Live and Kids Choice Awards.

Besides singing, Bieber had also been a presenter for the Grammy Awards-52. Her achievements in the music making it the youngest solo pop singer who can rule the world charts.

Justin bieber and the popularity of the young age made him a star didaulat advertising anti-acne products. This product is a product that is quite famous in the United States, the Proactiv. Some well-known stars like Kate Perry and Jessica Simpson had been a star before Justin ads.

At MTV VMA 2010, Justin was nominated the Best New Artist. In addition, she also will fill this grand event by collaborating with BoB Justin is also rumored to be a duet with Kanye West because of the collaboration they did in West song entitled Runaway Love.

At the prestigious MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS 2010 held on 12 September 2010, Justin bieber won the award for Best New Artist with his song with Ludacris called Baby.

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