Reasons Justin Bieber Wants Young Marriage

Reasons Justin Bieber Wants Young Marriage
Not long ago - Justin Bieber admitted prepared young marriage with the woman he loves. Bieber step forward when talking to U.S. Weekly.

"I want to get married and start a family when I was young," said Bieber.

Wishes the singer of 'Baby' was quite surprising media. Not without reason he wanted to get married at a young age.

Apparently, the talented young singer wanted to imitate the love life of her grandparents. "My grandparents, Bruce and Diane Dale example," said beibs.

"I'm sure they (the grandparents) are deeply in love after many years. Later when I was their age, I hope in love with my wife as my grandfather fell in love with my grandmother," added Bieber.

Although he wanted to marry young, to date Bieber has not found the woman of her dreams. Since breaking up with Selena, she prefers to be alone.

"I'm still growing’s Trying to be a better person every day," added the singer of 'Beauty and the Beat'.

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