Justin Bieber Rent One Stadium, Special to Selena

It seems appropriate that the fans Justin Bieber (Beliebers) jealous of his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. How not, when Bieber willing to rent the whole stadium just to surprise on Selena!

As reported by TMZ, Justin bieber is intended to surprise her lover with the most romantic surprise. Bieber accidentally rent the whole building Staples Center in Los Angeles to watch the most romantic movie of all time, Titanic, both with Selena.

Several sources close to Bieber tells TMZ that the singer of this song Smile U got the idea of a surprise for her lover after watching the movie MR. Deeds. In this film, Adam Sandler doing the same thing on Winona Ryder, except that used was Madison Square Garden.

The sources also stated that Justin has prepared plans to launch a surprise. Justin will invite Selena for Demi Lovato concert at the Nokia Theater is located not far from Staples Center. Justin will say, "Come with me," on Selena and marched him to the Staples Center via underground channels to watch Titanic alone through the big screen already installed in the stadium.

And if this alone can make a lot of anger Beliebers, wait until further news. Justin did not have to pay for the entire Staples Center was renting. Because the singer has been making all seats at Staples Center sold out three consecutive times, the manager gave him a chance to empty the stadium and use it in a surprise action.

Justin Bieber Rent One Stadium

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