Justin Bieber accused of plagiarism Paramore Album Cover

Not long ago, Justin Bieber released two new singles are given away to fans via Soundcloud site. But unfortunately, the cover is used for the single promotion accused of stealing ideas from Paramore album cover.

Image for the promotion of Justin’s new single titled ' We Were Born For This ' has tipografy and color theme similar to Paramore album cover titled ' Riot ‘. Paramore fans felt did not accept and express his frustration through social media.

One of them is a fan with a rock band fronted by Hayley Williams is the account @ thrillllhouse. He even called the former girlfriend Selena Gomez was lazy for stealing ideas from other bands for promotion.

"The award is given to artists to Justin Bieber clearly searching for images on Google's latest single and taking possession of Paramore.

Justin Bieber released two singles for free titled ' We Were Born For This ' and ' Hard 2 Face Reality ' . Both shared via his official Twitter account Soundlcoud uploaded on the site.

Judul: Justin Bieber accused of plagiarism Paramore Album Cover
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