Outstanding, Video Justin Bieber urinating Gratuitous

Video Justin Bieber urinating Gratuitous
Singer Justin Bieber is still a sensation with her naughty act. This time Justin circulated video showing urination at any place, using the property of others.

In the video duration 45 seconds website TMZ obtained, 18-year-old singer seemed to be in a nightclub in New York with some friends. Justin then said that she wanted to urinate before going inside.

Seeing a bucket to mop the area near Justin's entourage stood, the Boyfriend singer walked straight to the bucket. Without thinking he urinates into a bucket owned nightclub that he came.

His friends laugh and shout happy When Justin's indiscriminate urination. They even praised what beibs.

"This is the coolest place to urinate. Surely you'll remember it forever," said a friend of Justin.

According to TMZ, a video showing the work of the young singer was allegedly made in early 2013's. It is unknown if Justin and his friends under the influence of alcohol or not when making the video and take action this indiscriminate urination.

Not only urinate in a bucket to mop up, Justin is also doing another tantrum before going inside the club. The singer seemed cursed in photo shows a picture of former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

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