Justin Bieber Want to Have Wife and Kids

Justin Bieber Want to Have Wife and Kids
It seems now most courageous man decides to marry young. For example, the personnel of the boy band One Direction, Zayn Malik (20 years) who had just propose to his girlfriend Perrie Edwards and reportedly will soon be married.

Not only Zayn, Justin Bieber did not wait to find his soul mate and get married. The new singer was only 19 years old had been thinking about having children.

"I wanted to have a beautiful wife and had children around me," said the singer was quoted as saying Boyfriend in Touch.

Bieber statement is quite surprising, because it does not fit with his behavior over the years. Holly Scoop website commented how people can still often act childish to be a parent.

Later, beibs often act negatively. The last incident was his urination in a trash can in a nightclub in New York.

Even so, the singer who has her own perfume label was still known as a romantic man. "My mother taught me to be nice to her, so I enjoy going with her and do things for her sweet. Everyone is entitled to feel special," said Bieber.

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