Selena Gomez Dogs Pain, Prayer Request to Fans

Incessant news Selena Gomez splashy spreads. Earlier came the news of this young singer broke up the street with her ​​boyfriend Justin Bieber, because the issue of infidelity with another girl. But the rumor was denied.

New issues that attracted her fans on Twitter were suddenly Gomez pleaded prayers to his fans. "My son sick, please prayer for wanting surgery," he writes.

Selena Gomez have children? No. Gomez was caring for puppies. Pet-named Baylor, husky mix, was adopted from an animal lover's house in Winnipeg, Canada, a few months ago.

At that time, she and her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, visit the animal home and immediately had a crush with Baylor. Furthermore, it maintained cute puppy in the house. Later, Baylor health impaired that needed surgery. "Once again beg her prayers to Baylor healthy again."

Judul: Selena Gomez Dogs Pain, Prayer Request to Fans
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