Justin Bieber Spend $ 1 million for Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber was really romantic couple. As soon as her love, Justin did not hesitate to spend $ 1 million for his lover, Selena Gomez.

In Touch Weekly reported, so far, Justin has spent U.S. $ 1 million for the happy Selena. Justin's money is used for various things which of course to his lover's smile.

Unfortunately happiness Justin and Selena did not get a positive response from the people closest. They worry that Justin was too extravagant.

"Removing a fortune to make her lover who was two years older than impressed," wrote In Touch Weekly.

According to a friend Justin, Selena was his dream girl. "That's why he wanted to make her happy. Every day something, ranging from guards, flowers, a private jet to a special meal. Plus, she bought expensive gifts," said the friend.

Not long ago, Justin is known for making romantic dating Selena. He rented the entire area of the Staples Center, Los Angeles, only to watch the movie 'Titanic' along with the 19-year girl.

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