Justin Bieber Try New Trends: Cone-ing

After planking, now there is one more demonstration itself, cone-ing. Singer Justin was trying attractions play with ice cream.

Cone-ing is the most recent attraction is now busy downloaded to the internet by various people. An Australian man named Alki Stevens was the first do-ing cone. The video, entitled 'Cone-ing is the New Planking' watchable 600 thousand times in five days.

Justin Bieber apparently did not want to miss come shine with this new trend. He tried to cone-ing, tossing and turning ice cream bought from an officer of the drive-thru.

Quoted from the NY Daily News, Bieber become the first celebrity to show off the video itself is conducting cone-ing it. Adolescents of 17 years is to put the video on his Twitter account.

In the video, the singer of 'Baby' seemed to cone-ing at several fast food restaurants. He was successful twice tossing and turning of the ice cream cone.

Justin Bieber seemed to really enjoy the action do-ing cone. He is up to twice the tweet about his adventures.

"Looks like We Should go # cone-ing haha.. # Swag," he wrote.

"Why not ... # cone-ing," Bieber wrote again.

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