Justin Bieber Like Wear Jeans Women's Pants

Looking at the style of Justin on stage, in the video clips, as well as when he walked on the red carpet, often made ​​fans scream hysterically. But who would have thought that Justin women often wear pants?

U Smile 'singer was admitted often wear jeans for women than others. The reason is quite plausible, because women's jeans are more fitted to his size.

"I often wear women's jeans because it fits me. Not to excuse the trend. If it fit so I wore," said Justin Bieber.

However, 17-year-old singer is apparently still not wearing any clothes from the closet Selena Gomez, her lover, in the near future. Because, although admitted their relationship is fine, Justin stated that they would not get married.

"I do not know, will happen in due course. Now I'm just concentrating on my music. I of course believe in marriage, but not in the near future. We will not live together until we married," he concluded.

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