Reason bieber break up with selena

The news is less fun than the young celebrity couple, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. According to the news website E Online, Friday, November 9, 2012 and the fact that has been confirmed people close to Bieber and Gomez. It was also said they broke up a week before the news came out.

According to the channel, the break-up of a young couple is because they have a very solid work schedule. It is rare for Bieber and Gomez to meet or date. "It is very difficult for them to arrange a meeting," said a source.

Before becoming girlfriend Gomez, Bieber has been busy with singing. Recording, dance practice, and the stage is a daily diet of 18's singer. While Gomez is busy with the shooting and the song itself.

Hollywood Life Sunday (11/11) asked a number of sources close to Bieber and Gomez to find out what is actually the cause of their breakup. And the answer, not only because of the work schedule of each solid.

"She (Gomez) is too mature for Justin," said a source. "Justin is still like to have fun and want Selena always accompany. But Selena's acting like his mother forbade him to go have fun, and for Justin, She (Gomez) so boring. "
Signs of Bieber-Gomez relationship problems are also already visible a week later. On 29 October, Bieber uploaded his photos via Instagram photo with the caption "Lingse" (which means that the anagram of "single"), a sign Bieber has just broken up with Gomez.
On 30 October, Bieber was spotted at the Gomez home in Dallas, Texas. Bieber go eating at his favorite restaurant. However, Bieber eat alone. Bieber just did not accompany the moment.

Then, while attending a fashion show Victoria Secret lingerie products on 7 November, Bieber teased known models, photographed them, and said to ask for their phone number.
Hollywood Life notes, unlike Bieber's behavior being a boyfriend.

Selena Gomez confide in Radio Z100, New York. Gomez said, since the affair foundered, he often gets ridicule on the Internet. "All of this is painful," said Gomez. "I'm not making a mistake. During joint Bieber, I was having a companion. Hopefully we remain friends."

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