Justin Bieber Release Ice Cream price £ 20

Looks like Justin Bieber knew that everything connected with it must be sold in the market. After the perfume, this time he launched his ice cream with his own name.

Ice cream 'limited edition' was sold at one of the leading UK department store, Harrods. With the name 'Bieber Bocker Glory', the ice cream was made by the Ice Cream Parlour, a specialist firm of ice cream from Harrods.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, shapes and flavors of ice cream was inspired by the perfume Bieber entitled 'Someday'. Therefore, this 17-year-old singer put some fresh fruit flavors such as berry fruit, vanilla, pear fruit as a topping and sprinkle lavender.

For a sundae, "Bieber Bocker Glory 'price is not cheap, which is 20 pounds. Perhaps only Bieber loyal fans are willing to buy ice cream at that price.

Ice cream's the singer of hits 'Baby' is already available at Harrods from the beginning of August. All proceeds of sales 'Bieber Bocker Glory' will be given to the British charity choice Bieber, Make A Wish Foundation.

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